Friday, January 05, 2007

Only perverts use Google

I obsessively track my blog's traffic using Google Analytics, which is pretty sad considering how little traffic I actually get. But one of the best features of Analytics is the ability to see what words people were Googling when they visited your page.

I wrote about this a while back after I started getting a ton of traffic from people searching for "incest" and "incest comics." This was after I blogged about the theme of incest in the Dr. Thirteen backups in Tales of the Unexpected. If fact, I even got a comment on the post by some pervert defending his "perfectly normal desires" to have sex with his daughter. I deleted the comment by the way. Anyway, I now have a few more posts under my belt, some more content and so new hilarious, if not a little creepy, keywords are popping up.

The most popular new trend (but still way behind the incest-related searches) are concerning Psylocke, who I blogged about during Nostalgia Week. There is "betsy braddock" and "betsy braddock nude" (first result, baby!) and then there is my favorite so far, "psylocke costume wedgie."

Other popular searches are "spiderman penis," "mantra boob" and "she hulk nude." Nerds just love their fictional characters naked, don't they?

Of course there are plenty of normal, healthy searches that land people here. I'm the second result for "jla vs predator" and terms related to Nightwing and Civil War are among my all time most popular search results.

But they will aways be outweighed by the pervy searches looking for nasty porn and naked superheroes. And of course the funniest thing is that the posts that are getting all the dirty attention are in opposition of the concept that is being searched for. My Dr. Thirteen post takes a strong stance against incest and the irresponsible use of it as a theme in fiction. The Psylocke post is about the absurdity of her oversexualization and the Spider-Man penis one was basically about how seeing his wang is no big deal. Only the She-Hulk post, part of Cheesecake/Beefcake Appreciation Week, supplies some naughty thrills. But even then she was wearing clothes.

I would give anything to see what people were searching for when they stumbled across entries on other feminist comic blogs like When Fangirls Attack, One Diverse Comic Book Nation, Comic Book Thoughts, Pretty, Fizzy Paradise and Written World. I'm sure most of them will be along the lines of "wonder woman naked" "batgirl rape pics" or "amanda waller nude fan art."


SallyP said...

Well yes, they were looking for porn and cheap thrills, but instead they got insightful comic book analysis and theory! You probably just made their day!

Loren said...

Actually, fortunately, many of the search terms I get are pretty legitimate ones. It didn't always used to be that way and I still do get some doozies.

Many of then search terms I've gotten relate either to yaoi (yaoi sex, yaoi gay, yaoi gay sex, yaoi hard) or gay (gay, gay teen sex, gay box sex, hard gay sex).

The next category is usually somebody asking:

is (so and so) gay?

But, some of the funnier ones I've seen include:

* JSA "atom" gay moustache
* Mary Marvel Nude Lesbian
* does "Greg Land" like "She-Ra"?
* tamora pierce+lesbian dancing
* powerboy underwear
* great hera did i leave the iron on
* what white females thoughts on see black men in tight underwear
* catwoman rapes robin
* betty veronica love gay jughead