Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Robbie luvs She-Hulk

In semi-recognition of Ragnell and Kalinara's Beefcake/Cheesecake Appreciation Week, I thought I would share some comic book hotness, albeit with a twist. Instead of posting select panels of cheesecake, I'll instead focus on a single character that I almost consistently find insanely hot. She is the the Savage Supersexy She-Hulk.

Damn, girl!

Um, where was I... oh yeah! You see, normally I have a very hard time talking to people once they begin spouting off about how hot a character is. It's typically the artists who are responsible for a character's apparent sexiness, on account that superheroes aren't real people. Whether it's Catwoman, Power Girl, Jean Grey or Black Canary, the "hotness" of characters is almost always just a matter of how they are drawn or presented in a particular instance. I say "almost" because, for me, there is one glaring exception.

It's hard for me to put a finger on exactly what I find so attractive about She-Hulk. She's a successful lawyer and she can beat the crap out of pretty much anyone. Those factors are both sexy on their own. She also doesn't have a distractingly ridiculous costume like Psylocke or Wonder Woman*. Of course, I can't really pull a finger on what her costume is since she is almost always in a bathing suit, but this isn't a post about complaining over the absurd oversexualization of female heroes. This is about the cheesecake. And yes, the green skin is part of the appeal.

And here is where I make a shameful confession (as if drooling over a fictional green lady isn't pathetic enough). I've only read a handful of She-Hulk comics. They really aren't that good, so while I love She-Hulk, I've only really read a couple of stories that feature her. The current series is alright, but nothing to write home about. The original series, now criminally collected in a colorless Essentials book, was written by Stan Lee. Given Lee's record for writing strong female characters (he doesn't), it's safe that I will never be picking it up. I wonder how She-Hulk feels about Stan Lee?

Don't take that from the old douchebag, Shulky! I would love to see Stan Lee brutally beaten by one of his female creations. Or just throw him through a wall, for that matter.**

For now, it seems that She-Hulk will remain my guilty pleasure of pure eye candy. Hopefully some day I will be able to write something about She-Hulk's personality or how awesome she is outside of the realm of hotness, but not this week.

Okay, so that's my cheesecake appreciation post. I know it's stupid and sexist but I can't deny my hormone-fueled love for that green-skinned hottie. I will now go back to writing about stupid comic books and how I hate Virgin Comics advertisements, never to mention She-Hulk again at risk of looking like a complete pig.

But before I end this, there is room for one last, gratuitous bikini-clad She-Hulk.


*I should clarify that while I find Wonder Woman's costume to be silly looking, I still think she is awesome. And so do plenty of other She-Hulk fans considering all the WW/She-Hulk femslash fanart I found in creating this post. Psylocke, on the other hand, is just stupidly slutty.

**I mean, "Stan Lee is an incredibly creative man and is responsible for the best characters in comics." Yeah...

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jayunderscorezero said...

Just so you know, Stan Lee (luckily!) only wrote one issue of 'Savage...'. The rest was by a man named David Anthony Kraft.

However, I can't fault your main argument here. She-Hulk is gorgeous!